Saturday, January 24, 2009

why oh why??

Well last night was interesting indeed.. Cors went surfing as I posted,but had a minor hick up along the way.. Needed to get the boat back in and discovered that the anchor was stuck on something and would need to cut the rope.. as you do when you don't have a knife, you smash a beer bottle and use the broken glass to hack through the rope & your hand. You then spend 2, maybe more hours waiting in Rosebud emergency department for a doctor whom has no idea about much to see you. You also in your travels, get bluetac stuck in your ear (make shift earplugs) so you ask him to retrieve that, at which he is unsuccessful, surprise, surprise!! Cory then gets home with a bandaged up hand & still a sore ear, but now very tired and agitated! All for a surf, hmmmmmm now I ask you, "where is the fun in that?"
But today is a new day and we have some excitement in the ranks as Lillie is heading out to a 6 year olds birthday party at Girls Town as I mentioned yesterday... Very exciting indeed. We have picked the party frock and we have gone with the frilly black number that has the most 'twirlability', because we all know that this far out ways the actual look of the arrangement! Mama is happy though, because she is wearing the red shoes.... All feet need red shoes!!!
Tully is still just adorable and amazes me every minute with his actions and learning about this place called earth. He has waved to the trees and they gently wave back, maybe with some help from this delightful breeze.. For the first time today he said "bay" which is of course baby for "bye"... Its growth in his speech and I love hearing him try to communicate.
Claye had a wet bed last night but one out of four is great! He is just his usual cuddly self today, already had a hit of cricket and a ride on his bike, so his day is just perfect.
Mama is peaceful today... no real plans, but to enjoy what she has.
Ah yes, Cors will need ear candling, so I will do that. Actually I can do that now and keep typing, of course I can, I am a Mother!! Yes, lit the candle, now need him to lay still.
Dada will be doing not a lot today, healing I would presume.. so for me its all said.
Take care and may your Saturday give you all that you need. xx

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