Sunday, September 18, 2011

Off the Cuff...

Just like most other Sunday evenings, I was bathing bubba & Tully, when some giggling rounded the corner of the bathroom. To my surprise & disbelief (oh crap was the initial instinct) Claye & Lillie came to proudly show me that Claye had been caught & was now in cuffs!!!! Cuffs..... um yes Cuffs (explain that one to your Mother!) So he shows me his hands all smiling and happy, for now...

If you were suspecting that things were about to change, you would have assumed correct. I said, "Mate, are they from Dad's drawer?" (I will explain later, so stop your mind racing) At this point he looked a tad worried at the fact that he may have been getting into things (literally) that perhaps did not concern him. It was then that I continued, " we do not have a key for those, so how did you intend to get them off?" As I suspected, silence!

OK, so the happy boy turned to worried boy, & then teary boy, & then panicked,worried, teary boy!!! I too was a tad worried at this point, but a naked, wet Dusty & Tully had to be tended to first....

Lillie was trying to calm her brother, because he had gone into full fledged panic mode!! But every time he pulled on the cuffs, they grew tighter, so there was no hope that they were coming off over his hands.

Then I started on the mission of attempting to poke all small key shaped objects into the keyhole.... Nup, nothing was budging those shiny metal cuffs. It's really not like on 'Home & Away' folks, you can't just wiggle a hairpin in them and ta da they open. I tried and tried...

Did I mention that my husband was on night shift??? Arghhhhh what to do, what to do?

Begin plan A;
I call my husbands work, because he will know, of course he will know, oh goodness he had better know!!
So I ask to speak with said husband, only to be told that he was out in the yard and would be back in later.....hmmmmm later, did I have until later????? I quite calmly informed his supervisor, that I had a small situation at home, and required his call as soon as he could possibly make it.

Oh dear, he has been in cuffs for about 1 hour now... so as you can imagine, he is not a happy camper, so I needed a plan B;
I call upon a neighbour, & luckily a very close friend, to see if her darling husband had any tools that perhaps would free my boy of his slight mishap. He obliges and will be round in about 15... Phew, another adult to ease the stress & hopefully remove said cuffs!!!

Plan A calls back, "Is everything OK?", well darling husband everything would be OK, if Claye had not locked himself into a set of handcuffs found in your top drawer (he giggles) (stop it!!! I will explain later)... Then Plan B knocks on the front door with 2 excited kids in toe & a large set of bolt cutters.... Ohhhh how I love that set of bolt cutters!

I explain to darling husband that help has possibly arrived & that I will speak soon.

So the cuffs were fairly tight & I could tell that Mr bolt cutters was nervous being so close to boys veins!!!! I was feeling a tad the same to be honest... but once one hand was free, we knew that the chaos was almost over!!

So I guess you have all conjured up some raunchy story about the said cuffs & I don't blame you, because I know that I would be doing the same... but really honestly truthfully, they were left over from my hens night as a bit of a gag, and every time we have moved house we mention that we should throw them away & "where are the keys".... But I guess there will be no more need for that now... So believe or not believe, I will leave that up to you (she smirks).

So with the situation averted & all my babies fast asleep, I think I'll make a hard earned cuppa, probably need a stiff drink!! but a cuppa will be suffice... Should make for an interesting conversation at darling husband's work tonight, not to mention man with bolt cutters household!! Bet Mrs bolt cutter is still giggling...

The culprit that made Sunday evening a little chaotic, pic taken after Mr Bolt cutter had his way with them!...

GGrrrrrrrrrr Baby!

Mama xx


  1. Laughing so hard there is a major chance of bladder leakage!!!! ROFLMFAO

    Wholly cow how I needed that laugh...

  2. Gooood Blimey, am I a suitable Mama?? Funny today though & he is so embarassed! Ah well what will happen next? X Glad I made yopu smile! X


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