Sunday, November 27, 2011

From here to insanity...

I will warn you in advance, that this post may appear random and possibly like I am teetering on the edge of God only knows what!! It may contain frequent course language & an I don't give a shit attitude. I will be writing from over here in the doldrums, but please don't ask me if I am OK, because I will almost certainly cry at you, on you, or any other two word sentence, ending in you...

I know that being a  Mother is meant to be magical & the most amazing thing I will ever experience in my life, but for the last 24 hours, I am wishing magic would just take them to the park for ohhhhhh let me see, a week!!!! Yes I love my children & they are my everything, but....... (oh good lord strap on your seat belts cos' I am off....) And there will be exclamation marks!!!!!!

I would like to wake up to silence in my own good time, 6am is not my own good time!!! I do not want to hear the baby crying, or the older kids yelling and fighting over nothing!! I actually don't even care who started it first, because it takes two to tango, and quite possibly you are actually a gay la-la!!!!

I have not a care that you are hungry and you would like me to cook you pancakes, make your own food, it's about time you learnt!! You are never be too young to try.....

"What's that", oh you've done a poo!!! Well that's fucken brilliant!! The kid has done a poo, let's all celebrate!! You see that white stuff called paper..... Well wipe your own bum, because I already know how!! *insert poker face tongue hanging out here* Oh and if you are too lazy to wash your hands and you get sick, well don't say I didn't warn you!!

Did you know that 1/2 litre of milk into a bowl of ummmm 60gm of cereal is excessive!!! "What's that again", Ohhhhh you have managed to spill it on the floor (1 millionth time this year but who's counting dickhead!!) Oh never mind, you now have about the right ratio in your bowl... and besides you love to clean, I can tell by the state of your room!!

Your bowl does not magically bring itself to the sink, just like you do not magically disappear to the park for a week!

It really is not that hard to get dressed when you have a School uniform hanging in your wardrobe just waiting to be put on your body, but somehow an hour goes by and I can still see your bum!!!! One sock is not a pair, so put the other one on your fucking foot before I ram it down your throat!!! Yes you need jocks, and turning your socks inside out because they are your favourite is not acceptable hygiene!!!

I understand the baby is crying, what's frickin new, he needs me!!!

Close the toilet door, babies and toilets DO NOT MIX, neither do bathrooms, laundries, pantries or rubbish bins!!! If you do not want "the stupid baby" in your room, YOU close the door, "you stupid kid!!!!"

Throwing yourself at my feet in a tantrum makes me think twice about stepping on you, it does not make me feel sorry for you...

I do not want to play the DS, it is annoying, and one would have thought, that the amount of time you spend on it, you would know how to charge it, get onto Mario Kart & find the right track!!!!!!!

I know your hungry, whats new??????

"A drink" I here you say, well there is the bloody tap!!!

Dirty clothes look great in the laundry, not all over your room!

Yes there are days I breath a sigh of relief when you exit the car to School...

Yes there are days I breath a sigh of relief when you exit the car to Kinder...

No!! Grunting is not human speak, and I have no idea what you want when you do it, in fact it irritates me!!

Just in case you were deluded..... I DO NOT LOVE cleaning up your mess, washing clothes, vacuuming, washing dishes, packing & unpacking the dishwasher & all the things I do to make our home a tidy, hygienic space!

No, I am not keeping a logbook & attempting to get my licence again, so driving you here, there and everywhere is of no benefit to me!!

Oh, "I don't care", is that right???, well how about you just shove off then!!!!!

Clothing, Schooling, Toys, Dancing, Basketball, Swimming Lessons etc etc etc are not free! That tree out the back is called a Gum tree not money tree!

If it ain't broke, I will not be fixing it & definitely not replacing it, so stop asking!!

When I have slaved over the stove, and serve you up a deliciously nutritious meal, only to have you say, without even trying a mouthful mind you, "that's disgusting!!!", I expect you to the the whole fucking lot!!!! Well the next time you make something for me that you are proud of, I might just try saying "well that's just crap!!" "Is that the best your small hands could do???", "never mind there is always next time in art!" "Oh look, you got some spelling mistakes, "well who's a dumb dumb"..... Yeah don't think you would like that my friend!!

Yes I love it when you go to sleep, because it's quiet...

And just for the record, I do eat chocolate & sweets (may even attempt the whole block tonight) when you go to bed!! Ha ha there I said it, so now you know!!

Yes I love my children, they are my everything, my consuming passion it seems!
Swearing is not for you to do, it is my prerogative only, do as I say, not as I do!!

ummmm derrrrrrrrr....

Cheers to motherhood!! and I am only Cheersing so that I have a valid excuse to raise a very full glass, of something very strong!

Oh and just one more for the record..... just because I give one child something, does not mean that I love them more, and should not evoke an enormous uproar!! If I gave him poo, you would fight over that I am certain!!

Have you ever stopped and pondered? Well I guess it's a given that you haven't stopped, because if your a parent, there is no stopping!! But when we recently built our home, my darling husband asked me what my perfect room would consist of.. I proceeded, white!! I would have white walls, white sofa, white furniture & there would be complete silence... He laughed "Geeze Rob, you just described a padded cell!!!"

So I have decided to resign from my current position in the house as Mama, I have tried it, and have decided that I am just not cut out for the job!! Anyone interested? No please, don't rush....

Well here's to my unemployment or retirement & insanity!!

Please feel free to leave a comment or tell me how your day is??? I may or may not give a shit!!

Hick xx

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hoarding is not really something that I am into, but I have a friend over at Milk 'n' Cookies that is struggling with a Pre-schooler, who does not want top let anything go!!

I am not really a hoarder, but I do not like waste either, so  I am definitely keen on donating or selling off  items that are no longer required.

I have always told my children that once an item is no longer played with or worn, that it is then needed by someone else, eg. baby toys, clothes, goods in general. I like this way, because it teaches them about recycling!!!

I would not give away anything extremely dear to them, because like Casey says, we do not want them becoming clingy to "stuff". I do not think it is healthy either to surround yourself with material possessions...

So my suggestions to someone that is faced with this issues are these:

Craft/Art string for hanging. Any ribbon, string twine raffia, whatever takes your fancy hung across a wall, I would say the child's bedroom, so they can keep the special things close to them but can still be admired by other family and friends.  Perhaps you could explain to the child that you can have 6 (any number you choose really) special art pieces up at one time, then it is up to her to choose, so she will still feel in control! Once the previous 6 or so are removed, it will be up to the Parent to decide what occurs, I personally keep a few arty crafty items in their keepsake box for later...

Clothes that are too small, well get rid of them, or if you really cannot bare it, cut them into quilting squares and make a special quilt for her to keep, at least it is a useful item...

Toys, well we have a few, but not too many that are not age mutual.... by that I mean, I only have stuff that all the kids can play with, eg. wooden blocks, little people (still a hit with 9yo), pretend play, dress ups...... so you get the point.

My suggestion is this, remove all the items that you are wanting to get rid of into a box, when your little hoarder is preferably not home!!! If they do not mention it (the item), notice it, or look for it, then you will know that it was not really that important... then you can dispose of the box safely knowing you have not caused her any distress, so win win!! I would say that 2-3 weeks would be an OK time for her to notice, but again, its just a suggestion.

I wish all you little hoarders & Mama's of, all the best.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's a crazy kind of love...

It's been two days since my two eldest babies went back to school for the last term of the year (eeeek, that year went fast!). I have not blogged during the holidays, because like most of us Mama's, I was doing the most important role I have, being Mama!! I know at times, tempers flare and ends get slightly frayed, for both kids and parents, but I love having them home. When I look at how fast the years are flying by, I love to watch them grow. It is so nice to be the observer of such beauty, oh and of course so much sweeter as the creator!

We don't lavish our children in the monetary kind of way, we prefer simple and peaceful family activities. So for this holidays, we took long walks on several surrounding beaches, collecting shells, & driftwood and jelly fish halves (she giggles) & building palaces for our jellyfish halves of course! Darling husband was designated baby wearer, & I was the one following in the footsteps of our other children, watching them in awe! I am not so sure that these moments were quite so special to them as they were to us. But there were times that I felt emotional watching their innocence & hearing their excited questions about our world.

We made shell hangings tied to driftwood & necklaces & bracelets & all things shells...  We rode bikes, skateboards, climbed trees, slayed dragons, had picnics, watched Kangaroos feed with their Joeys, and enjoyed our time together as family...

Thanks for popping by & sticking around whilst I was being Mama!

Here is some free fun and makes a pretty night display... All you need is some washed, used tin cans & a drill, the rest is up to you, or in my case, the kids! although mine are far too young to be using a drill, they have fabulous imaginations *love*

I can visualise these outside slightly rusted, hanging from trees, or placed around the deck and looking so pretty! I have drilled some holes in the base for drainage (not too big) & near the rims to thread some wire through to hang them. Just a tip *wink*


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - homemade cookies & tea please...

Wordless Wednesday (she says laughing, I am never wordless!), So I will be showing you rather than telling you what we have been up to... nom nom nom & besides, I am off to enjoy the sunshine, ummmm sunshine, has it gone already? I best just do the dishes...

Mama xx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Off the Cuff...

Just like most other Sunday evenings, I was bathing bubba & Tully, when some giggling rounded the corner of the bathroom. To my surprise & disbelief (oh crap was the initial instinct) Claye & Lillie came to proudly show me that Claye had been caught & was now in cuffs!!!! Cuffs..... um yes Cuffs (explain that one to your Mother!) So he shows me his hands all smiling and happy, for now...

If you were suspecting that things were about to change, you would have assumed correct. I said, "Mate, are they from Dad's drawer?" (I will explain later, so stop your mind racing) At this point he looked a tad worried at the fact that he may have been getting into things (literally) that perhaps did not concern him. It was then that I continued, " we do not have a key for those, so how did you intend to get them off?" As I suspected, silence!

OK, so the happy boy turned to worried boy, & then teary boy, & then panicked,worried, teary boy!!! I too was a tad worried at this point, but a naked, wet Dusty & Tully had to be tended to first....

Lillie was trying to calm her brother, because he had gone into full fledged panic mode!! But every time he pulled on the cuffs, they grew tighter, so there was no hope that they were coming off over his hands.

Then I started on the mission of attempting to poke all small key shaped objects into the keyhole.... Nup, nothing was budging those shiny metal cuffs. It's really not like on 'Home & Away' folks, you can't just wiggle a hairpin in them and ta da they open. I tried and tried...

Did I mention that my husband was on night shift??? Arghhhhh what to do, what to do?

Begin plan A;
I call my husbands work, because he will know, of course he will know, oh goodness he had better know!!
So I ask to speak with said husband, only to be told that he was out in the yard and would be back in later.....hmmmmm later, did I have until later????? I quite calmly informed his supervisor, that I had a small situation at home, and required his call as soon as he could possibly make it.

Oh dear, he has been in cuffs for about 1 hour now... so as you can imagine, he is not a happy camper, so I needed a plan B;
I call upon a neighbour, & luckily a very close friend, to see if her darling husband had any tools that perhaps would free my boy of his slight mishap. He obliges and will be round in about 15... Phew, another adult to ease the stress & hopefully remove said cuffs!!!

Plan A calls back, "Is everything OK?", well darling husband everything would be OK, if Claye had not locked himself into a set of handcuffs found in your top drawer (he giggles) (stop it!!! I will explain later)... Then Plan B knocks on the front door with 2 excited kids in toe & a large set of bolt cutters.... Ohhhh how I love that set of bolt cutters!

I explain to darling husband that help has possibly arrived & that I will speak soon.

So the cuffs were fairly tight & I could tell that Mr bolt cutters was nervous being so close to boys veins!!!! I was feeling a tad the same to be honest... but once one hand was free, we knew that the chaos was almost over!!

So I guess you have all conjured up some raunchy story about the said cuffs & I don't blame you, because I know that I would be doing the same... but really honestly truthfully, they were left over from my hens night as a bit of a gag, and every time we have moved house we mention that we should throw them away & "where are the keys".... But I guess there will be no more need for that now... So believe or not believe, I will leave that up to you (she smirks).

So with the situation averted & all my babies fast asleep, I think I'll make a hard earned cuppa, probably need a stiff drink!! but a cuppa will be suffice... Should make for an interesting conversation at darling husband's work tonight, not to mention man with bolt cutters household!! Bet Mrs bolt cutter is still giggling...

The culprit that made Sunday evening a little chaotic, pic taken after Mr Bolt cutter had his way with them!...

GGrrrrrrrrrr Baby!

Mama xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Dusty Elroy' 15th September 2010...

Firstly, a Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest 1yo we know...
One year ago today, we were deliriously celebrating the arrival of our darling 3rd son. He came into the world contented and healthy & for that we feel very blessed! He was born with a small amount of light brown hair & blue eyes, chubby arms and legs and the sweetest cheeks and toes just made for kissing. He stayed with Mama for at least 72 hours only separating to take the odd, well actually the frequent nature call. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time when a baby is born, so heartfelt & nurturing for both. I would have to say that this is probably the only time that I truly like feeling so very needed.

He is named 'Dusty Elroy', he weighed 9lb 4oz & was 56cm in length, not that all the details other than his name really mean that much, but hey, now you have all the goss. I am sure you will agree that he was such a splendid looking bubs and still is...

Doesn't it just take you back to the most amazing time in a parents life? I know it sure does for me, and I think about the birth of all my babies, and it really is something you will never forget. I can recall each & every moment, well maybe not when I was slightly delirious with exhaustion, but I would have to say 99%.

Today we will celebrate the last of our babies 1st Birthdays, with some fun & lovin', we will eat, play, love, laugh & enjoy the time we have together. (It's not always so joyous), but for today, we will be celebrating the good times...

Enjoy our visual delights from our day so far...

Tee Pee made by Mama with Love... Will tell you all about that later.

I am off to play!!
Peace & Love

Monday, September 12, 2011

the buds of spring at home...

Our Garden, or lack there of is only new. We started with a blank canvas about 5 months ago when we moved into our first ever brand new home. We have been planning and thinking and planning on how we will lay out the landscape to feature all the thing we desire for our growing little family.

As you have read, the list was, and still is long, but we are working to the time we have spare, & of course to a budget...

We have a few trees & shrubs planted already to try to get some greenery around us & to help with the general layout. It's trickier than you may think.

One of my most favourite trees that we have already planted is the Forest Pansy or Cercis canadensis. It is stunning against all the green of the gum trees & bushland that surrounds us, and I have been eagerly watching it's growth as the months have past and I would love to show you it's beauty so far...

If you like what you see, check out more about it here or over at this wonderful blog I just stumbled upon.

These images are of one of ours, we have 2 planted as feature plants beside some steps up to the higher side of the garden.

Aren't you just loving it??? I think it is my current favourite to date.
Watch this space & I will keep you updated with it's visual beauty!

Grab yourself a cuppa *smile*

Friday, September 9, 2011

what's one more...

I am going to write this now, because I never ever thought that I would feel this way after birthing, loving, nurturing (occasionally ranting & raving too) four, hang on "FOUR", that's better, children! So I have "FOUR" adorable children, what?, well they are right at this minute, because they are all fast asleep...

Anyway, you see our baby is turning one! I am almost sad that he is turning one, and I know I should be celebrating his journey so far, but I would like him to stay my gorgeous little bubba forever... Snugly in my arms or perched on my hip, as heavy as he gets, I love the time you get to share with your babes at this tender innocent age. I have loved it with all my children.

I have always been told by older Mama's, how fast it goes and to enjoy those tender early years, & I can honestly say I have! If there was ever a piece of advice that I have taken on board, it's been that... So thank you for your pearls of wisdom!

Those that know me personally know that we were quite content with three children, but were blessed ( I can say that now as a survivor!) with darling no. 4! WE LOVE HIM UNDENIABLY TO THE MOON & BACK & BACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
Just had to let you know, because it can seem that a surprise pregnancy can look as though that child was unwanted, but that is certainly not the case! I was shocked & possibly suffering from some denial at first when finding out of his pending arrival, but we fast become attached to our bubba growing in my belly *love*.

I guess my initial fear was just like any Mama's;

How will I cope?

What if I am no good at juggling 4 little ones lives?

Will I ever sleep again?

Will I be able to spread my arms & lovin' around them all, & darling husband?

How will darling husband cope with "FOUR" (ba ha ha ha... thought he would never have children - *fail*)?

Will my hair ever be washed again?

I think you can see where we were at during the walk down this road. Probably like the story of many expectant parents...

So where are we now? Well, darling husband, is happy and contented with his larger than expected brood, and so is Mama. BUT.... here it comes... Well the other day, I saw a newborn!!!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH I was smitten, I had this undeniable urge to be there again.. we have 4, so what's 5? Well there will be no No. 5 from me, but it made me realise that I will probably be eternally clucky and in love with that new baby phase. It also made me want to slow down the spinning of this universe, so that I can enjoy my babies, each & every minute & moment with them all... I have been guilty of being impatient, cranky & all the things that come with being Mama, but I try my best to be the best!

Today from here on in... I am going to take longer deep breathes when I feel uptight or frustrated at the goings on around me & try to make all of our moments & minutes my 'best'... I do not want to miss a minute with our darling children, they are almost 9 & 7yrs and 4 & 1yr, in 6 more sleeps...

For now, I will suppress the urge to have more babies, because I have so many special things to cherish with & about the "FOUR" we are so very blessed to have!

I am off to watch them sleep...

Mama xx

Monday, September 5, 2011

it's daddafied baby...

Most of us nickname our babes in Utero, so I do not see that as anything too odd. I seems weird calling your gorgeous growing Lovely "It", I totally get that.

For our family, the nickname did not stop there, and I don't mean normal, well maybe it is, but when people that do not know us hear us call the kids, I can see them look on in righteous horror!!

For darling husband, he takes great honor in naming his offspring with crazy odd names...

So our gorgeous girl, commonly named "Lillie/Lilla", has had her name evolve over the years from 'Lilsten', 'Lilberg', 'Lilstenberg', 'Undertow', to the all time, 'Undertowerest of them all' !! I do not know, or even begin to understand how his mind works, but he is most of the time a sane Dadda. Can you imagine it at the park "Undertow", she does not even miss a beat, and answers just like it was the name she was born with...

So our eldest darling boy is commonly named "Claye", to which I believe to be completely normal, although we did get some unnecessary comments upon naming him... Anywhooo! So he went from 'Claye', to 'Goggle', 'Gogs', to 'Clog'!! Which is somewhere in between Claye & Goggle. Interesting to say the least!

Of course the 2nd born son would need a nickname. He was named from birth "Tully". As a clumsy toddler he was named 'Clunk' but from there he received the all time name of  'so many too many'.... What on earth was he thinking??? He offers him a choice at times, and asks, "Are you so many? or Too many?", then they play the game of so many too many... I know what you may be thinking, but really, we are quite normal folks... *twitch twitch*

Lucky last son was born and named "Dusty"... Gorgeous name I think, but with now quite a few kids in the house, darling husband referred to him, from very early on, as 'Little One', which of course soon became, 'Little', 'Lids', 'Little by Little' and ending up with 'Bylids'... He is too young to really know, but I swear he thinks that is his name... Naaaaw poor Dusty...

For the mental well being of the human race, we will be doing no further breeding!

What's your crazy nickname, because as weird as they are, I have a sneaking suspicion that we are not alone??

Ny Ny
Mama Hick xx

Saturday, September 3, 2011

i would like a piece of quiet...

Most of the time, we have a beautiful, snuggly, and kind hearted just turned 4 years old boy that lives in our home!! But over the last week, maybe more, he has disappeared, well not in the literall sense, but his behaviour has gone slightly pear shaped! He told me to leave the room because he needed a piece of quiet, (your not alone there buddy) to which I obliged, because we all need some alone time at some point.

So whilst I am out of the room, his baby brother crawls in to check out the goings on... He pops him somwhere safe and heads to the treadmill. So maybe his idea of safe and mine are slightly differing, but the thought was there I guess...

Enjoy MH xx

Well I am sure he would make for some very interesting reading...

I guess he was not too worried about being stored away like a magazine!!

And of course the picture would not be complete without a snap of the culprit! Complete with homemade hair product, which I am guessing by the state of the bathroom is a mixture of toothpaste, gel & hairspray, with some water for good measure ~ Love


spring in my step...

Nothing beats being woken up to the sound of Currawongs warbling outside your window. Well maybe some other things do beat it, but not this morning. There are already streams of sunlight filtering through the house, and other than this flu virus that seems to have taken us all captive, it is delightful... so on that note!!!

Welcome Sun Shiny SPRING!! It seriously feels better already now that the sun is sticking around for longer and the ground is warming up... The trees are showing off their fast blooming buds, there are lambs frolicking in the paddocks, and people are generally in a better mood & it's only day 3...  Well I would have posted this earlier but had a few Internet issues.... hmmmm

Ooooh the things to come...

Well I have decided to perhaps make a little list of all the things that require doing on my To Do List, my husband would be so proud, No, folks, I am not placing him on the list *she smirks*. He just loves a good list!!
  • Wow it has bullet points, now that's an impressive list!
  • i will stay more focused on the job *2nd smirk*
  • there will be more time for reading, big & small kids included
  • i will sew that quilt as a wedding gift for my beloved friends
  • other sewing project will happen
  • pirate ship will be finished off
  • pirate ship will at least be started *3rd smirk*
  • fruit trees will be sourced
  • and planted
  • mulching mulching mulching
  • make a start on the new chicken enclosure
  • agree on a design with darling husband regarding said chicken coupe *that would be 4*
  • watch the grass grow
  • do more exercise
  • do less eating
  • smile a lot
  • laugh loudly

So the experts tell me, early spring is a good time to plant perennial food plants such as asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, waterchestnuts, ginger & turmeric. Potatoes can also be planted into well-mulched beds, but they say that you should only use certified seed potatoes to avoid introducing damaging virus diseases to your garden. So I must check out the seed packets, when I am purchasing...

It is also about the time to sow vegetable seeds, such as broccoli, celery, Asian vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, peas, spinach, silverbeet, radish, coriander (not in your life will you find me growing this one), beetroot, rocket, turnips and spring onions. Not that I have tried them, but apparently Japanese turnips are sweeter than common turnips and very hardy. I am hoping to get some carrot, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, corn and parsnips seeds planted also! I may even pop in a few Sugar Snap peas! I think there is way more of a science to all the planting of fruits and veggies, something about the earth being about 20° C to germinate the seeds, but I am so excited that I am going to give it a shot anyway... This sun must have already gone to my head.

Maybe I am a little over ambitious, but a gal's gotta dream right?

Well I guess this girl had better get her rest to be able to make it through that TO DO List... I'm off to enjoy a caffeine fix, and to watch my grass grow!

Happy Sunning
Mama xx

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goodbye winter...

It's not that I don't like Winter, but it's so lovely to be welcoming Spring & it's warmer days & all the prospects of new beginnings that it has to offer...

But before I go jumping the gun and moving onto Spring, we still have approximately 3 hours left, to give thanks and reflect on the wonderment (hmmm word? not sure) of Winter...

So my personal list of absolute gratitude is this;

Thank You for;
  • cold crisp days
  • a red nose
  • numb fingers & toes
  • walks along the beach at it's best
  • huge swells
  • rain
  • daffodils
  • super cute gumboots
  • and colorful umbrellas
  • snuggles on the couch with my babes
  • outside fires
  • and crackling logs
  • warm gooey delicious marshmallows
  • my lambswool slippers
  • delightful knitted vests & jumpers
  • scrumptious slow cooked meals
  • puddings of all flavours
  • puddles
  • mud
  • long hot baths
  • listening to the rain on the tin
  • oranges
  • inside fires
  • snuggles
  • snuggles
  • and more snuggles
  • and all the things I've missed but loved
Now on your way and let Spring do it's thing! We shall be seeing you again next year...

MH xx

Monday, August 29, 2011


I guess I should clarify this first off, to avoid the risk of sounding ungrateful. Yes, we have just built a new home, and it's ever so comfortable, and more than a roof over our heads. But here is the thing, my idea & I do believe that it is fast becoming my darling husbands (I should say DH, , but you know what that could be mistaken for??? and with a wish list so long, we would not want to offend).

Anyway, as I was saying, I dream of a white weatherboard homestead with huge surrounding verandas, a porch swing, rolling pastures looking out onto the ocean, a huge white kitchen & I mean huge, with a porcelain inset sink and lovely chrome old style taps and light fittings, and window seats, and a mudroom, because with 4 children you need that....

There will be fruit trees and cows, sheep, chickens (more than two), and a Veggie patch to die for! It will be white, white, white, did I mention that I like white? We currently have white walls and kitchen now and even just a few white items is hard to keep busy hands off...

I don't quite know the location of our dream home, but I am not thinking snow... so I guess that rules out a few places...

Well now I see no other option than to indulge your visual sense with some pics...

The dreamer xx

I have just stumbled across this and it was love at first sight, you might like to check it out too!

I think that's enough dreaming for now

MamaHick xx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the girls need a new home...

Fluffy & Coco are growing at a huge rate of knots, and they need a new home. I am thinking of something gorgeous & primped and all things chateau, but my husband has other ideas... So the discussion continues. He is thinking wire cage and let them out each day to help fertilise the garden ( I am thinking fertilise the deck, washing, table, chairs, me if I stopped long enough) I love the thought of having them rome, and this is what is currently happening, but they are totally chaos, eating my plants and pooping everywhere.

So my thoughts were something like this...


Nothing flash, just a chicken coupe made by yours truly & darling husband, he is ever so handy, it would be such a waste to let all his wonderful skills go to waste.

I want fruit trees & Veggies, & a Water tank, and to do up the Pirate Ship (pics to come) &, &, &.... oh my, the list goes on & on..
For now, we shall just discuss, but secretly deep down, I know that he always wants to please me.

We will need apples, so there will definitely be an apple tree...

Cabbage, well not the favourite of the kids, but look at this superb sculpture!

Mandarines are a must too, high up on the list...
Oh I am a dreamer... I cannot wait to get stuck into "The Patch".

Watch this space to see how the discussion pans out and for progressive pics.

I am still watching...

I am loving all this sunny sunshine that we have been so blessed with. I am watching too. I can see the early signs of Spring on the trees & I can smell it in the air. I have been closely inspecting the new grass that I am so very impatiently dreaming of walking on barefooted!!! I have been observing our home too to see what we love and where we need to primp!

One thing that I will be glad to be rid of is the nasty coldy fluey bugs that are floating around in the cold Winter air. I love Winter for all it brings don't get me wrong, but I like to feel the warmth of the sun on my bones. I think that perhaps my sad little bubba maybe feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so we have been sharing lots a cuddles (lucky me), I hope it passes soon, so my wonderfully happy boy returns!

OK, so here is the grass progress...................

So this is what 1 week & 6 days is bringing us....
I know that it is bringing me joy!!

I have also captured a few little corners from our home that I love, for one reason or another...

Peace & Warmth
MamaHick xx