Thursday, June 23, 2011

it goes so fast it blurs...

I watch him before me every day, and I am sure there is something new and wonderful that he can do... He works so quietly, well most of the time, exploring and trying new things, it's frustrating too, because his squeals and red face tell me so. He calls me Mamba, and he really does, because I believe that if babies have instinct to cry, then smiling and talking and all the other magic that happens must also be somewhat instinctive... I love it when he follows me around the house with his cute little commando crawl, which I am sure will be the only type of crawl he will do! OK, so you will probably not believe it, but just as I typed that, he moved in a true 2 hands and 2 knee motion... See magic!! He smiled and straight away looked up to me to see that I saw it... (think lovingly of our darling boy) I cannot really believe that it has been almost 9 1/2 months since he changed our lives with his birth... He has a face now that he flashes at Mama and Dadad and we call it his Toosie face.... Pics will follow because I could not even begin to describe it... Well it's boob time for bubba and then a nice big sleep (huh hmmm)!

And that my friends is "Toosie face"