Friday, January 23, 2009

glorious sunshiney days....

Hmm what a great day to be on earth... The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing & the babes are all entrenched in activities.... All I need now is an ice cold drink.. but at 2.12pm, that seems a bit indulgent (maybe not) Not much a happening today, PJ's till 11.00am, late brekky, soaking up the last days of the school holidays.. Been fiddling with the super duper camera, see if I can work it out yet! One day & hopefully I have plenty of them left..
It feels so Friday today, very relaxed.... no work Monday, gee shame. Lillie is extremely excited about tomorrow, she's off to a 6th Birthday Party at Girls Town, whoo hoo, don't they just love a party. Claye is just hanging about, riding the tractor, Skateboarding & it's been 3 nights without a wet bed... My little man is growing up.. Tully is just clunking around, trying on all my shoes, because that's what he loves, and drenching himself in sun.... Oh yes, and playing in the dogs water, that's also a passion. I just love this age, he is so interesting to watch as he finds his way around this world... He discovered a blowing leaf today & that bought a sack of laughter his way... Ahhh the simple life..
Well, might go and play with the camera... Happy sunshine to you & your family. xx

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