Monday, October 24, 2011


Hoarding is not really something that I am into, but I have a friend over at Milk 'n' Cookies that is struggling with a Pre-schooler, who does not want top let anything go!!

I am not really a hoarder, but I do not like waste either, so  I am definitely keen on donating or selling off  items that are no longer required.

I have always told my children that once an item is no longer played with or worn, that it is then needed by someone else, eg. baby toys, clothes, goods in general. I like this way, because it teaches them about recycling!!!

I would not give away anything extremely dear to them, because like Casey says, we do not want them becoming clingy to "stuff". I do not think it is healthy either to surround yourself with material possessions...

So my suggestions to someone that is faced with this issues are these:

Craft/Art string for hanging. Any ribbon, string twine raffia, whatever takes your fancy hung across a wall, I would say the child's bedroom, so they can keep the special things close to them but can still be admired by other family and friends.  Perhaps you could explain to the child that you can have 6 (any number you choose really) special art pieces up at one time, then it is up to her to choose, so she will still feel in control! Once the previous 6 or so are removed, it will be up to the Parent to decide what occurs, I personally keep a few arty crafty items in their keepsake box for later...

Clothes that are too small, well get rid of them, or if you really cannot bare it, cut them into quilting squares and make a special quilt for her to keep, at least it is a useful item...

Toys, well we have a few, but not too many that are not age mutual.... by that I mean, I only have stuff that all the kids can play with, eg. wooden blocks, little people (still a hit with 9yo), pretend play, dress ups...... so you get the point.

My suggestion is this, remove all the items that you are wanting to get rid of into a box, when your little hoarder is preferably not home!!! If they do not mention it (the item), notice it, or look for it, then you will know that it was not really that important... then you can dispose of the box safely knowing you have not caused her any distress, so win win!! I would say that 2-3 weeks would be an OK time for her to notice, but again, its just a suggestion.

I wish all you little hoarders & Mama's of, all the best.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's a crazy kind of love...

It's been two days since my two eldest babies went back to school for the last term of the year (eeeek, that year went fast!). I have not blogged during the holidays, because like most of us Mama's, I was doing the most important role I have, being Mama!! I know at times, tempers flare and ends get slightly frayed, for both kids and parents, but I love having them home. When I look at how fast the years are flying by, I love to watch them grow. It is so nice to be the observer of such beauty, oh and of course so much sweeter as the creator!

We don't lavish our children in the monetary kind of way, we prefer simple and peaceful family activities. So for this holidays, we took long walks on several surrounding beaches, collecting shells, & driftwood and jelly fish halves (she giggles) & building palaces for our jellyfish halves of course! Darling husband was designated baby wearer, & I was the one following in the footsteps of our other children, watching them in awe! I am not so sure that these moments were quite so special to them as they were to us. But there were times that I felt emotional watching their innocence & hearing their excited questions about our world.

We made shell hangings tied to driftwood & necklaces & bracelets & all things shells...  We rode bikes, skateboards, climbed trees, slayed dragons, had picnics, watched Kangaroos feed with their Joeys, and enjoyed our time together as family...

Thanks for popping by & sticking around whilst I was being Mama!

Here is some free fun and makes a pretty night display... All you need is some washed, used tin cans & a drill, the rest is up to you, or in my case, the kids! although mine are far too young to be using a drill, they have fabulous imaginations *love*

I can visualise these outside slightly rusted, hanging from trees, or placed around the deck and looking so pretty! I have drilled some holes in the base for drainage (not too big) & near the rims to thread some wire through to hang them. Just a tip *wink*