Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goodbye winter...

It's not that I don't like Winter, but it's so lovely to be welcoming Spring & it's warmer days & all the prospects of new beginnings that it has to offer...

But before I go jumping the gun and moving onto Spring, we still have approximately 3 hours left, to give thanks and reflect on the wonderment (hmmm word? not sure) of Winter...

So my personal list of absolute gratitude is this;

Thank You for;
  • cold crisp days
  • a red nose
  • numb fingers & toes
  • walks along the beach at it's best
  • huge swells
  • rain
  • daffodils
  • super cute gumboots
  • and colorful umbrellas
  • snuggles on the couch with my babes
  • outside fires
  • and crackling logs
  • warm gooey delicious marshmallows
  • my lambswool slippers
  • delightful knitted vests & jumpers
  • scrumptious slow cooked meals
  • puddings of all flavours
  • puddles
  • mud
  • long hot baths
  • listening to the rain on the tin
  • oranges
  • inside fires
  • snuggles
  • snuggles
  • and more snuggles
  • and all the things I've missed but loved
Now on your way and let Spring do it's thing! We shall be seeing you again next year...

MH xx

Monday, August 29, 2011


I guess I should clarify this first off, to avoid the risk of sounding ungrateful. Yes, we have just built a new home, and it's ever so comfortable, and more than a roof over our heads. But here is the thing, my idea & I do believe that it is fast becoming my darling husbands (I should say DH, , but you know what that could be mistaken for??? and with a wish list so long, we would not want to offend).

Anyway, as I was saying, I dream of a white weatherboard homestead with huge surrounding verandas, a porch swing, rolling pastures looking out onto the ocean, a huge white kitchen & I mean huge, with a porcelain inset sink and lovely chrome old style taps and light fittings, and window seats, and a mudroom, because with 4 children you need that....

There will be fruit trees and cows, sheep, chickens (more than two), and a Veggie patch to die for! It will be white, white, white, did I mention that I like white? We currently have white walls and kitchen now and even just a few white items is hard to keep busy hands off...

I don't quite know the location of our dream home, but I am not thinking snow... so I guess that rules out a few places...

Well now I see no other option than to indulge your visual sense with some pics...

The dreamer xx

I have just stumbled across this and it was love at first sight, you might like to check it out too!

I think that's enough dreaming for now

MamaHick xx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the girls need a new home...

Fluffy & Coco are growing at a huge rate of knots, and they need a new home. I am thinking of something gorgeous & primped and all things chateau, but my husband has other ideas... So the discussion continues. He is thinking wire cage and let them out each day to help fertilise the garden ( I am thinking fertilise the deck, washing, table, chairs, me if I stopped long enough) I love the thought of having them rome, and this is what is currently happening, but they are totally chaos, eating my plants and pooping everywhere.

So my thoughts were something like this...


Nothing flash, just a chicken coupe made by yours truly & darling husband, he is ever so handy, it would be such a waste to let all his wonderful skills go to waste.

I want fruit trees & Veggies, & a Water tank, and to do up the Pirate Ship (pics to come) &, &, &.... oh my, the list goes on & on..
For now, we shall just discuss, but secretly deep down, I know that he always wants to please me.

We will need apples, so there will definitely be an apple tree...

Cabbage, well not the favourite of the kids, but look at this superb sculpture!

Mandarines are a must too, high up on the list...
Oh I am a dreamer... I cannot wait to get stuck into "The Patch".

Watch this space to see how the discussion pans out and for progressive pics.

I am still watching...

I am loving all this sunny sunshine that we have been so blessed with. I am watching too. I can see the early signs of Spring on the trees & I can smell it in the air. I have been closely inspecting the new grass that I am so very impatiently dreaming of walking on barefooted!!! I have been observing our home too to see what we love and where we need to primp!

One thing that I will be glad to be rid of is the nasty coldy fluey bugs that are floating around in the cold Winter air. I love Winter for all it brings don't get me wrong, but I like to feel the warmth of the sun on my bones. I think that perhaps my sad little bubba maybe feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so we have been sharing lots a cuddles (lucky me), I hope it passes soon, so my wonderfully happy boy returns!

OK, so here is the grass progress...................

So this is what 1 week & 6 days is bringing us....
I know that it is bringing me joy!!

I have also captured a few little corners from our home that I love, for one reason or another...

Peace & Warmth
MamaHick xx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you see what I see?

OK, so it's not much, but this teensy bit of green is making me one very happy Mama right now.... As much as the kids are loving feeling and wearing this sandy black earth (god love em') my walls and floors are not!! Argggghhhhh.... well it's probably not Arrrrrggghhh worthy, but it kind of driving me a tad nuts! My poor bubba boy had never felt the grass of our yard, and my kids do love the outdoors, so this is not right and must be changed! OK, so I did a little research and discovered what grass we would need, that being one called Emerald Kikuyu, apparently it's tolerant to everything and needs no water once established, so sounds good to me. The picture is the grass seed after 1 week and 4 days, and I promise that I am passionate enough to blog about it's progress... because there is nothing better than watching the grass grow... hmmmm we'll see. So watch this space and see my grass grow! I cannot wait to walk barefoot through the lush green grass and see the kids running and playing in the warm summer sun.... ahhhh day dreaming the night away!
Peace out XO

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Rambles...

Yooo Hooooo, yes I am still here, although even I had thought that perhaps I may have dissappeared off the face of the earth!!! I have been baking.... well not in the literal sense, but baking in the glorious sunshine that we have been so blessed with for the past week.. Actually not really sure that you can call umpdeem (probably not a word) trips to tyhe clothes line baking... but if so, consider me golden!!!

I have been blogging in my head, many times in fact, but what good is that, hey..
I have also been painting and projecting and painting until my elbows and wrists ache!!!! My poor old bones just cannot take the strain these days..

Kids have all been pretty good, with the occasional lingering winter snots, sore throats and lung wrenching coiughs, but we seem to have finally come to the end of that...

I have been thinking of Christmas, and how the distance between one to the next keeps on getting shorter. And the fact that this years feast a la feast is at our home... Good golly Miss Molly how ever will I feed them all, the family that is... I must say though, that it is lovely being surrounded by the entire heard. The craziness of 11 children aged from 16yrs to 15months, all buzzing about with the excitement of the fabulous Santa and all his gifts, and the enormity of  the day and night that precede and follow!
Then there is the question of what to get???? what to get to eat? what to get to decorate? what to get to give??? and the list goes on & on!

I have been watching too!!! Intently might I add!! One week and one day ago we decided that with the unusually warm end to Winter, that we would sow our lawn seed, in the hope that the kids would have a lovely grassy spot to sit, play, cartwheel, or whatever during the Summer months... I cannot yet see one blade, and it scares me!!! I need green!! Lovely luscious grass to lay in, to walk in, because lets face it, there is nothing better than walking bare foot in the grass... hmmmmm I love GRASS!!!

I have been thinking craft too and something fun to make for Summer for the kids to play in and around, but I will not spoil the surprise... I will try (no promises peeps) to capture the crafting on the NIKON!!!!!

I also hear bubs awake, so it's off I go to get me son shine!!!

Goodbye Winter ~ Hello Spring xo