Saturday, July 9, 2011

honey I'm home...

I have a sneaking suspicion that my darling husband secretly believes that I swan around all day drinking cuppa's, chatting to girl friends on the phone, taking the occasional snooze, painting my nails, reading mags & watching random crap on daytime television.
And I guess that he is right, to a certain extent, because that is exactly what I would do ~ once I have b/f the baby, let the dog out before he pees all over the house,  fed 4 children their breakfast, cleaned the highchair (1st time), swept the kitchen floor (1st time), un-stacked the dishwasher (here comes the pattern..... 1st time), washed the concrete off the table (not really but have you ever left weat bix for an hour on the table???? Man 'o' Man, you could build houses with that stuff), hunted down dirty socks from under the couch (hey Claye), put the first load of washing on, soaked the really stained stuff (almost all the kids stuff) in a bucket with the nearest laundry soaky product that my bleary eyes could find, let Max back in, rescued the stuff from Dusty's mouth off the floor, yelled at the bigger kids to get ready for school (ba ha ha ha 1st time), then made their lunches, checked that their bags are packed, strapped Dusty into the carseat, run around like a headless chook for a few minutes, yelled again at the bigger kids (2nd time), get everyone into the car, make sure all 7,000 have their seat belts on (yes they have multiplied, what's it to ya?), back out of the driveway, drive back in the driveway (Claye, can you seriously forget your shoes????), back out again, wrangle the roundabouts, reverse park at school, throw some kids out (most of the time not literally), home again, home again, feed baby a snack, clean the highchair (2nd time), read a story to Tully, hung out the washing, wiped a small vomit up from the carpet, put Dusty to bed for a sleep, folded the washing, tidied kid’s play area, make sure the kids are all booked in for random medical procedures, thought about a sudden idea to make me millions, new load of washing on, answered the phone to said husband to see how my day was (hmm checking in), phone wakes Dusty, b/f said baby, drag out assortment of things that keep him happy, it's more food for someone, make a trip to the supermarket to pick up milk and something for dinner, unpacked the shopping, yep nothing still for dinner (the reason I needed to go today), removed Dusty from the pantry for the 28th time, is that other small boy still here?, yep, and the whole roll of toilet paper does not go in at once, and will block the toilet, send found small boy to time out, 4 minutes should do it (I wish), remind baby that dog food is not a nutritious staple at his age, remove him from the bathroom where he has been jamming his chubby fingers in the cupboard , back in the car to collect school aged kids, cook dinner, feed small people, clean the highchair (3rd time), bathe kids, dress kids, do reader with Claye, listen to Lilla read, throw a boob at the baby, put him to bed, re-settle baby, re-settle baby, re-settle baby (he is consistent at least), greet darling husband, feed him ( and no, not boobs) eat too, tidy up dishes, get bigger kids into bed, yell at bigger kids to GET TO BED!!, argue about who's older & what time is suitable for 8 year olds versus 6 year olds,  take deep breathes, put the dishwasher on, talk to darling about his day, love him, possibly grab a hard earned shower, crawl into bed.

Please forgive me if I have left something out, because what on earth am I talking about anyway!!!!!!!!

Just line up those cuppas with the mags, I'll have a tim tam thanks,  & take a message for those phone calls, I think there will be some spare time tomorrow, or perhaps I'll just re-heat the cuppa I made at 7am this morning!!

Love you XO


  1. te he he he you big fibber! We all know once the big kids are dropped at school, Tully plays beautifully with Dusty for a few hours while the maid cleans the house, the chef prepares dinner and you, ya big lush, laze around in your 'lounge wear' watching day time soaps while your personal slave feeds you Tim Tams and does your nails for you. You even have someone pre-read the magazines so you only read the good ones - and where's that chef with your gourmet coffee anyway?

  2. I love it Case!! The chef is currently seeing why the washing machine thinks that if it plays broken it will get out of doing it's chores, and when she is finished there she will be sorting out a dissagreement about who knows what!! I can totally see Craig doing that to your machine!! Love You X

  3. hahahaha oh wow rob you sound as slack as mum! sitting around doing nothing all day except watching tvs and reading mags ha ha ha ;)

    love mads

  4. Yes I can imagine a Mother of 5 having an absolute riot on her own with not a chore in sight, because her wonderfully helpful kids would be doing all the work for her!!! Wakey wakey, I must have dozed off into dream land. ha ha ah aha . Enjoy the holidays beautiful girl x


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