Friday, January 23, 2009

dada's home..

Hooray Dada's home and now the house feels complete! I have just had the most luscious cuddle with Tul and now my world seems right... Happy weekend ahead! And now for that ice cold drink.. I still have so much to tell you, you haven't even met my other darling boys, which right now I am snuggling tight.. Claye is definitely mister snuggles.
Sometimes Dada being home is short lived and he is beckoned away by the waves... apparently quarantines was the place to be on this wondrous day.. but we will await his return and the excitement can begin all over again.
Dada has not returned yet and the babes are asleep, I guess he will have to kiss them goodnight whilst they sleep (favourite thing to do). His surf was OK but he cut his hand, so off to the emergency department for him for the long wait........ and we will wait too!
Good night xo

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