Tuesday, January 27, 2009

introducing claye heywood hick.......

I can still recall that new baby smell. Not even 1 day old and look at the size of those cheeks.

Claye was born on the 18th October 2004, weighing 9lb 13oz..... Our new little angel, just a chubby little cuddle sack, just starving too & that hasn't changed.. He was tricky as a bub, because he had reflux & no amount of chamomile tea was going to help, but thankfully for him, that only lasted 3-4 months and we all survived..He is just Divine, so compassionate & kind and brings a tear to my eye I think every single day with his sweetness. I feel so very proud of him & the way he considers others. I guess if I could have one thing for my children, it is that, they grow to be kind & compassionate, but not walked on (sounds as though I am wanting a lot), but not really, happiness really is the most important thing. About my darling boy... well he is 4 now & very much a lad, he loved mess & dirt & farming.. Thankfully for us, my parents have some land & the kids get to see all sorts of things and experience life as many others could only dream. He is off to 4yo Kinder on Friday, but he is not too sure, he thinks it would be "Ok to stay with Mama, cos' we have fun too". and yes we do, but I have decided that he will enjoy it, once he settles, & i will be there to make sure he feels comfortable. Actually 4yo is a pain in the neck really, so much too-ing & fro-ing, I can see why the kids find it hard to get comfortable. Our Kinder is just the way I like it, we have a veggie garden with 4 child made scarecrows, many chooks & there is always a koala or two dropping by for a visit. The gardens & dry riverbed were created by the children & the huge mosaic that sits proudly on the outside wall, was also loving handcrafted by past children. So I guess as far as Kinder's go, it's a goodie!!

Claye is so appealing, everywhere we go, people fall instantly in love & why wouldn't they, I feel so lucky that he chose us for his Mama & Dada.. lol xo

Just fed, thank you Mama, but i need a nap!

Everyone told me that babies don't usually smile until about 5 weeks, but I believe that happy babies smile on the inside!!Very proud big sis, and if I recall, he sometimes received a little too much attention.

Great Grandma Dordy

How we do love a day at the park, we think Mama loves the swings the most!!

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