Sunday, January 25, 2009

after dinner dresses

I have a new project to begin tonight, so we are very excited about the new fabric in our house. I sense a dress for Miss L and some cool summer shorts for the boys, well the little boys that is. May not have much time to write today for the sewing awaits..

Quick update & the dress is complete, guess the shorts will have to be Australia Day shorts... sleep well, I sure will xo

Some dresses for my summer lovin' Lil..


  1. Well hello miss Robyn,
    Just 'found' your place. So sweet.
    As too is that dress for Lil. You sure are one clever mama.

  2. You are amazing, maybe you could make my wedding dress?? Jokes xxx

  3. Ah sweet Ladies, not so clever really, but love it that I can please my girl.. Enjoy he sweltering heat!


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