Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what will be will be

Strange how life goes really. Today I received two lots of news, one just amazingly great & one just so tragic. The world really does work in mysterious ways, and I know that they say when one person enters the world another leaves, in this case it is true..
My family however are all well & happy. I worked today away from home, so it was lovely to see 3 smiling faces on my return, wet hair & sun drenched, apparently Dada had taken them swimming all day. I might just ad, that all 3 of our children have a very fond love of water.. must take after Dada. Work was rather painful today, but it seems distant really as there was a bath to be had (how long can I fit all 3 in one bath for?) dinner time is done, more friendship bracelets were made & a story was read, but not by Mama..... tonight Lillie was the story teller, & she decided to read a story that she enjoys to us... amazing reading for a 6 year old might I say. I am making the most of tomorrow with the kids, but 41 degrees is very hot for young skin, so craft might be on the cards... hmmm not sure yet though.
Sleep well. xo

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