Saturday, January 24, 2009

mama's day

Peaceful Saturday for Mama. Good company, great coffee, stories with friends, lots of snuggles, fleeting thoughts of new sewing projects, the thought of Miss L returning to school (not so great) and updating my days events in my new found friend of this blog.
A must to share with you from Claye, darling boy is going to bed & says "Mama you forgot my cherry map", silly Mama...... that would be his Gerry mat, but I didn't have the heart to tell him. Such a sweet lil' boy, so loving and kind, makes me so very proud............ He is of solid build, but today when we were at the supermarket, he wanted to be carried, so I snuggled him up on to the front of me, kind of like a forwards piggy back, holding his little bottom in my hands, and for 15 minutes I carried him around, he kept kissing me & telling me that he loved me, I did not want that time to end, but when he felt right, he left my arms and ran riot around the isles..... I only hope I can still carry him at 102.. You know those Mama moments that are nothing to someone else, but fingerprint your soul......
It's quiet in our home tonight with tired eyes a sleeping, Goodnight, sleep tight, Love & sunny shining bright xo
P.S I have not forgotten ~ I will introduce the rest of my family to you soon. lol

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