Saturday, January 24, 2009

more pics of Lilla..

I know that I am racing through the years a little , but my intention was to create a journey in time, not in memory, so lets see how that pans out.... my intentions are always good, but some days don't quite have the 24 hours in them they are supposed to. lol


  1. Adorable pictures! Oh time goes to fast doesn't it...I've been hit with that realization this week...drink it in.

  2. Lovely to meet you Leanne & thanks for your kind words... I just look away for a moment & it seems as though they grow so fast, so from now on, I am never looking away!! he he if only that was possible.. Still so clucky & already have the most 3 adorable beings that chose me to be there Mama. Guess I am blessed.. Enjoy the sun,it warms your soul. x

  3. Careful, Claye and Tull will get jealous! She is still just so delicious xxx


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