Saturday, September 3, 2011

spring in my step...

Nothing beats being woken up to the sound of Currawongs warbling outside your window. Well maybe some other things do beat it, but not this morning. There are already streams of sunlight filtering through the house, and other than this flu virus that seems to have taken us all captive, it is delightful... so on that note!!!

Welcome Sun Shiny SPRING!! It seriously feels better already now that the sun is sticking around for longer and the ground is warming up... The trees are showing off their fast blooming buds, there are lambs frolicking in the paddocks, and people are generally in a better mood & it's only day 3...  Well I would have posted this earlier but had a few Internet issues.... hmmmm

Ooooh the things to come...

Well I have decided to perhaps make a little list of all the things that require doing on my To Do List, my husband would be so proud, No, folks, I am not placing him on the list *she smirks*. He just loves a good list!!
  • Wow it has bullet points, now that's an impressive list!
  • i will stay more focused on the job *2nd smirk*
  • there will be more time for reading, big & small kids included
  • i will sew that quilt as a wedding gift for my beloved friends
  • other sewing project will happen
  • pirate ship will be finished off
  • pirate ship will at least be started *3rd smirk*
  • fruit trees will be sourced
  • and planted
  • mulching mulching mulching
  • make a start on the new chicken enclosure
  • agree on a design with darling husband regarding said chicken coupe *that would be 4*
  • watch the grass grow
  • do more exercise
  • do less eating
  • smile a lot
  • laugh loudly

So the experts tell me, early spring is a good time to plant perennial food plants such as asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, waterchestnuts, ginger & turmeric. Potatoes can also be planted into well-mulched beds, but they say that you should only use certified seed potatoes to avoid introducing damaging virus diseases to your garden. So I must check out the seed packets, when I am purchasing...

It is also about the time to sow vegetable seeds, such as broccoli, celery, Asian vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, peas, spinach, silverbeet, radish, coriander (not in your life will you find me growing this one), beetroot, rocket, turnips and spring onions. Not that I have tried them, but apparently Japanese turnips are sweeter than common turnips and very hardy. I am hoping to get some carrot, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, corn and parsnips seeds planted also! I may even pop in a few Sugar Snap peas! I think there is way more of a science to all the planting of fruits and veggies, something about the earth being about 20° C to germinate the seeds, but I am so excited that I am going to give it a shot anyway... This sun must have already gone to my head.

Maybe I am a little over ambitious, but a gal's gotta dream right?

Well I guess this girl had better get her rest to be able to make it through that TO DO List... I'm off to enjoy a caffeine fix, and to watch my grass grow!

Happy Sunning
Mama xx

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