Monday, September 5, 2011

it's daddafied baby...

Most of us nickname our babes in Utero, so I do not see that as anything too odd. I seems weird calling your gorgeous growing Lovely "It", I totally get that.

For our family, the nickname did not stop there, and I don't mean normal, well maybe it is, but when people that do not know us hear us call the kids, I can see them look on in righteous horror!!

For darling husband, he takes great honor in naming his offspring with crazy odd names...

So our gorgeous girl, commonly named "Lillie/Lilla", has had her name evolve over the years from 'Lilsten', 'Lilberg', 'Lilstenberg', 'Undertow', to the all time, 'Undertowerest of them all' !! I do not know, or even begin to understand how his mind works, but he is most of the time a sane Dadda. Can you imagine it at the park "Undertow", she does not even miss a beat, and answers just like it was the name she was born with...

So our eldest darling boy is commonly named "Claye", to which I believe to be completely normal, although we did get some unnecessary comments upon naming him... Anywhooo! So he went from 'Claye', to 'Goggle', 'Gogs', to 'Clog'!! Which is somewhere in between Claye & Goggle. Interesting to say the least!

Of course the 2nd born son would need a nickname. He was named from birth "Tully". As a clumsy toddler he was named 'Clunk' but from there he received the all time name of  'so many too many'.... What on earth was he thinking??? He offers him a choice at times, and asks, "Are you so many? or Too many?", then they play the game of so many too many... I know what you may be thinking, but really, we are quite normal folks... *twitch twitch*

Lucky last son was born and named "Dusty"... Gorgeous name I think, but with now quite a few kids in the house, darling husband referred to him, from very early on, as 'Little One', which of course soon became, 'Little', 'Lids', 'Little by Little' and ending up with 'Bylids'... He is too young to really know, but I swear he thinks that is his name... Naaaaw poor Dusty...

For the mental well being of the human race, we will be doing no further breeding!

What's your crazy nickname, because as weird as they are, I have a sneaking suspicion that we are not alone??

Ny Ny
Mama Hick xx


  1. I love this! I also loved that when we were talking about this the other day and mentioned Clog, his head spun around to look at us sooo fast! lol!!!
    Jaz gets Jazzipop, Jazzipopett, Poppett, Boss, and Burg which started with mini, progressed to mini burger and ended with burg.
    Kayde gets 'the boy'. This comes from me being so delerious with sleep deprivation that I could not for love nor money say either of the kids names one day when discussing them at the reception desk at swimming lesson and so I referred to them as The big one and the little one and the girl and the boy! Yep, quality parenting right there!!! Kayde also gets called 'poo poo head' and 'bum bum' by Jaz but I am hoping those two dont stick!

  2. Thanks for dropping by to share your lil'uns nicknames with me!! It means a lot.. I am sure that there are loads of families out there that do this weird naming thingy me jiggy!! We are normal right?? And boy, girl, that makes perfect sense to me! As for poo poo bum bum, we have those too along with others that are bleeep worthy, but they are not really nicknames, thank goodness, I too keep hoping they will pass!!!! MHxx


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