Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Rambles...

Yooo Hooooo, yes I am still here, although even I had thought that perhaps I may have dissappeared off the face of the earth!!! I have been baking.... well not in the literal sense, but baking in the glorious sunshine that we have been so blessed with for the past week.. Actually not really sure that you can call umpdeem (probably not a word) trips to tyhe clothes line baking... but if so, consider me golden!!!

I have been blogging in my head, many times in fact, but what good is that, hey..
I have also been painting and projecting and painting until my elbows and wrists ache!!!! My poor old bones just cannot take the strain these days..

Kids have all been pretty good, with the occasional lingering winter snots, sore throats and lung wrenching coiughs, but we seem to have finally come to the end of that...

I have been thinking of Christmas, and how the distance between one to the next keeps on getting shorter. And the fact that this years feast a la feast is at our home... Good golly Miss Molly how ever will I feed them all, the family that is... I must say though, that it is lovely being surrounded by the entire heard. The craziness of 11 children aged from 16yrs to 15months, all buzzing about with the excitement of the fabulous Santa and all his gifts, and the enormity of  the day and night that precede and follow!
Then there is the question of what to get???? what to get to eat? what to get to decorate? what to get to give??? and the list goes on & on!

I have been watching too!!! Intently might I add!! One week and one day ago we decided that with the unusually warm end to Winter, that we would sow our lawn seed, in the hope that the kids would have a lovely grassy spot to sit, play, cartwheel, or whatever during the Summer months... I cannot yet see one blade, and it scares me!!! I need green!! Lovely luscious grass to lay in, to walk in, because lets face it, there is nothing better than walking bare foot in the grass... hmmmmm I love GRASS!!!

I have been thinking craft too and something fun to make for Summer for the kids to play in and around, but I will not spoil the surprise... I will try (no promises peeps) to capture the crafting on the NIKON!!!!!

I also hear bubs awake, so it's off I go to get me son shine!!!

Goodbye Winter ~ Hello Spring xo

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