Friday, January 28, 2011

raising of the sweetest kind...

It's funny how your day can go as a busy Mama of 4 young children. Today was no stand out day really, took Dusty to the health centre, and as we expected, doing great and growing like a little mushroom, well not long with an overhanging head, but you know what I mean. Then Tully off to Kinder, and then home again. Cory sleeps as we go about our duties... Today's duty was to make some delicious berry and banana smoothies and then heading out to the shops to buy 2 new camping chairs and a sun shelter... The kids have made we want to cry with the sweet things they say and do, but also made me want to head for the hills to find some kind of peace... they can do that my kids, but I guess that thing that keeps me going, is knowing that I am doing my best to raise happy, healthy and compassionate beings! I have decided to introduce some sweet and hopefully not too many sour moments from our days!

Sweet - Claye hugs me and tells me not to be sad about Maddison leaving, and tells me, "she is a big girl and will be fine once she knows where she is going, but it may take her a few times to get used to it".

And he is right in his own little way.
So dinners done, baths are well underway, and Dadda works tonight, so we look forward to a cuddle from him in the morning. Love
Sometimes I have to sit back and see what I have before me, to see the beauty in each of our little creations.

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