Thursday, July 7, 2011

you can have your cake and eat it too, you just need to choose the right cake!

Well I guess as a Mama of 4, I certainly know about the cost of raising and entertaining a family. And there really is no better time to let you in on a few ways that you too can give loads of fun and activities for the kids keeping you and them sane over the school holidays when the weather is only good for those with webbed feet! Yes mine are wide, but not webbed!

OK, so today was a great example of fun on a shoestring! 2 X Mamas, 1 X Dadda, and 6 X kiddies looking for adventure. So where do you go for free to amuse the kids for a few hours?????? I know you are all saying something in your heads, & if you said Bunnings, well then you would be absolutely correct! Over the school holidays, Bunnings offer free craft for kids roughly twice a week. Today we lucked into Boat Making and Painting!! And the kids LOVED it.... So did the parents, we all got to help and chat, and help and chat, so win win I say.

Of course there is also a Playground at Bunnings, and I believe that the entry there is free!! So you could possibly be thinking, "WOW, tight bottom", or you could be thinking "Smart". I will let you decide what I am, because I don't care..
So of course the kids and adults need feeding, so a treat was in order for the kids and they were wanting McDonalds of course (they do have the biggest sign & adds on TV, so they must be great).

Aldi was where we hit and purchased the following not so healthy option, but a great occasional treat;
1 x Bag of Straight Cut Fries $1.99
1 x Curly Fries $2.99
2 x Box Party Pies (only 1.5 required) $3.99
Banana Lollies $0.99
Snakes $0.99
Ice Creams $0.99
Coffee's & Water provided by Mama Hick
And to top off all the health!!!!!! Ice Creams $3.49
So that's about $19.40, making each persons share roughly $2.10, much, much, much cheaper than any take away place! and the fun and laughter that came from our table was contagious!!! Plus there was leftovers, and they were far to full at dinner, so an apple was suffice..

Kids really needn't cost you a fortune, there is dirt outside, sticks make shovels and leaves make shelters for match box cars, and any side of a shoe can make a motorbike track!!! Well that's what my boys tell me.....
There are loads of shopping centres, Libraries, Bunnings, & other Council run activities to get your kids out and about, so use them, you might just have a blast!!
We all had a wonderful day, and the kids are totally thrilled with the boats they made... in fact they are already asking when they can go back to do mosaicing (that can not seriously be a word, or is it?)... How could any Mama say no?
Please if you know of any other wonderful things to see and do, when the indoors gets a bit "la dee da", let me know!
From this Mama to that Mama XO Peace

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. they have some great grown up classes too!


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