Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do not walk like that, you are scaring your brother!

I really believe that how you wake in the morning sets the scene for the rest of the day.... For me this morning I was awoken by a car doing a ewy? uey? euwey? hmmm not too sure how to spell that, but you know it's a turn in the opposite direction and I cannot believe that I am telling you that!!! Anyway, well the time being 5.16am and I could not get back to sleep properly until what seemed like 3 minutes before the kids awoke for the day.... maybe not really 3 but who would know in that weird kinda' unconscious state.....

Claye came bolting into the bedroom squealing like he was about to be murdered, I sprung to bolt upright position in bed, and asked what was wrong, he cuddled in close and replied "Lillie is scaring me", ohhhh dear!!! "OK, I will ask her not to", I say to him... Then this strange Zombie girl rounds the corner of our bedroom and cracks up laughing..... It's so silly but she does it all the time now that she gets such an awesome response.... Turd, is what springs to mind at this point.... anyways........

The morning continues with Claye and Tully making their own breakfast which consisted of totally ooooooozing honey sandwiches... I known you you are probably already thinking about the mess, and you would be right if you thought that perhaps some honey did go on the floor, the walls, the bench and god only knows where else. It's at this point that I notice that Tully has actually had his face colored in with brown texta, so I say " Hmmmm your face looks interesting Tully", and he grins his cheeky grin, and says, " Yiddee did it, with texta". To which of course she denied and threw the blame to Claye... I throw some food groups into the slow cooker and turn it to low, probably will call it spaghetti if they ask what this is..... Well I talk and yell and remind the children of the pending Dental appointment to get them to brush their teeth full stop, let alone do it properly and then I yell some more, sling bubby into his car seat at which point I think to myself should he have his car seat turned around yet???? hmmmm who really knows, and then I head for the morning routine of School and Kinder drop off!! Phew, I am exhausted just reliving it... Did I mention that I also managed to fit in an early morning phone call from darling Husband who is away on work for a few night??? Well now you know.

So I cheat and take the 2nd lane, as the kids call it, to wrangle the traffic jam that occurs at the local roundabout, and arrive at school just in time to change reader and get Claye to organise his Library book ( I cannot stand the whole borrowing library book thing as it's just another thing I must worry about!!) and then continue back to the car.... Tully has been in the car (backpack still on back), into school (backpack still on back) and then taken to Kinder (backpack still on back). OK so home again, home again, jiggity jigg!!!

It's feed Dusty breakfast, he demands boobs, so I take pity and do as directed, and I cuddle for a while and pop him into bed.... All of which occurs before 10am, , and I had been thinking that I will put him into bed and race around ( most commonly used speed for Mama's I am sure) and mop and vacuum and make the house look habitable again....

But where am I???? on the couch watching the circle and reading one of my favourite gals blogs Milk 'n' Cookies, which reminds me to update mine, see...... she helps me without even knowing, now that's a good friend ( think loving thought of her)..... OK, so bubs is asleep, floor is still sticky and crumbed with who even knows what, but I think I may have broken the cycle that usually occurs!!!! Well who would know, the day will probably still end with texta'd faces, Zombie girl, boy squealing, another call from darling husband and a baby on my boob!!!! Here's to the craziness of Motherhood!!! Cheers

XO May the force be with you


  1. This is officially my favourite post. And thank you for loving thought... Well and truly needed today. Firstly though as I do believe your children to be completely wonderful, I am certain yiddie the zombie was just trying to hug claye, they made their breakfast to save their wonderful mumma from having to do it. The texta? Hmmm leave that one with me and as for watching the circle and reading blogs I say perfect mumma behaviour. XOXO

  2. I know Case, they were trying to help.... Ummm cuddle, well, I say cuddle by buttocks ;) Well, i don't mean you to cuddle my buttocks, but I think you would get my drift..... Your a sweetie and i only think loving thoughts of you (except about Tupperware (ha ha ha))


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