Wednesday, July 21, 2010

where have you been?

OK, so I have not been here for ages, AWOL some might say, but I am back!!
It' s been a busy time for our family over the last year or so..... The kids are at new school and they are going just great! Lillie is almost 8, Claye is almost 6 and Tully is 3 already... Baby no. 4 is well on it's way and we have about 7 weeks to go. How very exciting!! We can't wait to have him here with us, although at this stage he will be nameless if we do not do some work on that part of our parenting role...
So you are wondering about the house, well, we are awaiting a council permit at this stage and it should only be about another month away or so they tell me. I will post some pics of the progress when we get going, so fingers crossed..

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