Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding your way...

Hello bloggy land, & oh so sweet blog, I have missed you!

I guess I have been finding my way and lost you in the process. I never did forget you, I couldn't, you capture all my special memories and moments & I know there will be so many more...

For now, though, I have some fire in my belly... Something that excites me greatly, and I am dying to share.

Have you ever had that moment where you unknowingly make a decision that will change your life? That will I go, or are the stories in my head making it seem like the impossible? I know that I have had  many.

On the 9th May, I made a decision to attend a Direct Sales get together at a girlfriends house, at the time I was not particularly fussed, but I knew that the product would probably interest me in some way.
Actually the product and the message that was presented to me that day, was exactly the kind of thing I loved. So of course I purchased a few items to try.

Approximately 2 weeks later, I attended another Direct Sales get together for the same product. Again, it pleased me to no end! The fabulous woman presenting the demonstration, was just like me in so many ways. A busy Mama, Wife, Business Woman & someone that cared about the health and safety of her family & home. I expressed my interest in the company and from there, as they say "is history"....

I have been learning and working on getting outside my comfort zone, and learning some more!

I was offered to attend the Company's Annual Conference in Melbourne over the long weekend in June & was absolutely blown away!
The guest speaker was Lyndsey Baigent, who is a totally amazing women & could inspire the grass to grow, I'm sure!!! I left feeling totally ready to take on the world and share my gifts!!

On the 8th July, I will demonstrate my first ever show'n'go...... (she squeeeeeeeeeels with delight!!!!)
I have booked myself some other parties and will be bringing my best to each and every one of them. I am extremely happy to be able to share these products with my family and friends and anyone who is willing to listen.

Nature Direct is the name of the company who's products I will be distributing, so look out, here I come!

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Mama Hick xx

Planet Saver, Healthy Home Creator!