Thursday, March 1, 2012

the 15 minute follow

Just today I decided to follow my toddler around for 15 minutes with my camera armed & ready to see just how busy his life can be. Here is the proof that he is one busy little guy!!

So quiet & nice, eating some apple??

Oh up there eating some apple... hmmmmm


Down from up there & trying to make a run outside..


The reaction to mean Mama, keeping him inside...

Couldn't you just throw yourself to the floor some days & kick and cry, when you don't get your own way?

Oh great, my high chair! Lets see what mischief this can get me into!!

I wonder whats up there??

Well I guess if I can't go outside, I will climb up here and see!

Nothing much yet...

hmmmm pretty boring..

 I'm bored, might try hiding in the cupboard from Mama!

I know when these days are long gone, I will miss the company & the cheeky little face that I see when he is getting into something, or climbing somewhere he shouldn't, but there is nothing like the quiet time I finally get when he is asleep! Big Love to my Little Dusty, little but very busy...

Mama xx