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Well it's lovely to meet you! A very warm welcome & a huge Thanks for stopping by. Well I guess I should introduce myself...

I am 30 something, married Mama of 4, plus one small dog, and a couple of Chooks. I adore gardening , sewing, and trying to find a love for cooking amidst the madness of feeding the people!! I am sure you would know what that feels like if you care for little people or big ones. Never the less I definitely love food, making stuff, & spending quality hours staring at my babes, watching them grow & learn new things.

My decision to begin this blog, happened many moons ago, however with 3 little uns' (4th bubs was still a twinkle in our eye) this was just a niggling within. But with the babes growing faster than I had ever imagined, I found it a necessity to begin before the goodness that surrounds me each day became a distant memory.

I won't promise too much, but a place to empty my mind and share with you my experiences that help make me, well me! Which is why I refer to the Picket Fence... & all that grows behind it, because that is how I blog, family, home, garden & like I said, whatever else is behind the Picket Fence (sometimes random & rambling)!!

Please join me in our journey & chat along the way if you feel. You could put the Billy on if you like, because I love a good cuppa & a chin wag.. Share with me your journey & your loves. I'll talk of the earth & the sun kissed faces, loving, laughing & learning, & making our home a peaceful place. I try to be green & back to basics & I love to share of wonders I find...

In a nutshell, I am a Full Time Mama & Domestic Goddess & Part Time Lover of the Picket Fence, some say with a slight Blog Addiction, but I have no idea what they are talking about xx

Did I mention that I am a bit of a dreamer too, well really I am a lot of a dreamer, but hey, a gal's gotta dream right?


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