Monday, November 28, 2011

Just in case you were concerned for their safety...

I may have been having a bit of a rough time of late because of my little Fuckers  Darlings.... But just to reassure those of you concerned for their safety, I can advise that no children were harmed in the making of my previous post. They were all fed, bathed and put to bed safely!!

Unfortunately for me there was no chocolate in the house, god knows I even looked under the beds!!! Meaning of course that I could not attempt the entire block in one go!! But for now, that can remain my challenge on the list of things to do before my earth side departure!!

The baby was awake at 5.50am ummmmm AM!!!!! yes 5.50AMMMMMMMM, not really any better, but after feeding him I let him loose in the house!!

My darling husband, whom I will be keeping at this stage, returned from 12 hours night shift & closed our bedroom door to leave Sleeping Beauty get some much needed rest!! The poor bloke was probably fearing for his own safety at this point, and to be honest I don't blame him.... GOD LOVE HIM though, he is very afraid thoughtful... Love you!!

Darling husband then got the kids ready for School, they wanted a lunch order & offered up their own money to fund it!!! Did you just read that??? They offered up their own money to fund it!! Probably be asked to reimburse them later this arvo.....

So with the baby & Kinder boy & School kids all taken care of, he set them up to play in Kinder boys bedroom & fell fast asleep in the bed.... There he lay snoring his head off, poor bugger just worked 12 hours, so we will give him some rest now...

Sleeping Beauty awakes to silence.... Wooooo she gets her wish, only to be told upon entering the room "I am hungry"!!!! I responded calmly, "that's no good, did you eat breakfast?" "yes Mum, but I want something that I haven't had before" "Ummm what would that be?" "A music bar", again I responded calmly, "your not having a muesli bar it's still breakfast food time"...... Oh dear God, and the argument continued....... Is it groundhog day?????????

Later that morning, Darling Husband is awoken by the soft tickle of a texta!!!!! The wall had also received a soft tickle, the toy box, the door & the carpet!!!!!!!!! Looks like someone forgot to shut the door after all and Mama will need to attend!! I walked into the laundry to get a towel and some water....Oh how fabulously FUCKED wonderful, the washing machine hose is leaking water, the cupboard is full of water and so is the floor!! Of course I am curious to see just how much water may be in that cupboard & with the door slightly ajar, I was greeted by the Hick's very own Niagara!! How lucky, our own waterfall..... I decide to turn off water, throw some towels at said water and walk straight back out of the room, shutting the door behind me!! What else is there to do?? I proceed to the kitchen to grab a coffee and then tell you all how wonderfully my day is going... Thank You for your concern!

Kinder boy is still asking for the Music bar, and Mama is pretending she cannot hear a thing!

Apologies to the China man I must have mowed down in a hurry to somewhere, I swear I did not even see the black cat crossing my path, perhaps it was when I was walking under the ladder to clean up the broken mirror!!!!

May tomorrow be pleasantly fantastic for all Mama's & Papa's for that matter!!

Mama xx


  1. ooohhh Noooo!! sending a virutal chocolate bar your way.

  2. Thank Goodness for Darling husband who in no time mopped up the mess & reconnected the fabulous new washing machine hose!! Thanks Joey nom nom nom nom that was delicious!!!! The machine by the way is wonderful and it was not its fault that water was leaking, just a connection from the other end... So on that note, Joey!!!! you are a deadset Legend!!
    MH xx


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