Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i won't be long...

I was sure I said "will you be OK with the boys for 20 minutes or so, I need to grab some groceries"....
I was sure I heard him say "yeah that's cool, see you soon". I am sure that is what I heard him say...

Perhaps his idea of being OK and mine are varied, but allowing the boys to play in the cold fire ash... hmmmmm laugh or cry!

You will notice the pics are when they are almost safely in the bath!!

What do you think?

Culprit No. 1
Hmmm, he is not really that keen!

Yep still not keen!

Oh and the ash all over the pants comes with climbing in the Chimenea!! Oh darling husband what were you thinking, or what were you doing at this point in time ??

Culprit No. 2
Seems very pleased with his conquers!

Fierce but dirty!!

What's that?? You want your clothes off??
Bath Time!!!!!!

Next time I leave them home with Dada, I may just dress them in full wet weather gear & face masks....
But they did appear to be having fun.. Here's to the next adventure & infinity & beyond!!

Mama xx

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