Wednesday, October 26, 2011

one small step for man...

He stands upon his feet clapping, awaiting the cheer of his crowd, the cheering urges him to try again, and then it happens!

He wobbles & steadies, and wobbles some more, placing his hands upon the ground. The chanting continues and he makes another attempt, this time success & for what seems like a mile, he walks across the room. The young crowd are totally stoked that they now have a walking brother, but Mama manages a teary smile as she looks at the eyes of Dadda.

He looks for Mama in the room and beams his beautiful smile, then rises to his feet to show me his new trick, I can see he is so proud *sigh* *tears* . At least we were all there the night he took his first steps!

Of course we knew this day would come, & it is a milestone we want to see, but when it happened, it took us to another emotion. Our baby is growing into a toddler & before long he will be proudly running from place to place exploring his new found feet. I feel sad that he is not going to be my baby baby for much longer & I am grasping at all I can hold onto as there will be no more babies for us.

I know each year brings an amazement of new found wonders that come with childhood, but this Mama will always be sad with each phase.

Sweet Dreams Little Dusty, everything you do makes me proud to be your Mama

Mama xx


  1. Naaaawww sweet little Dusty Doo you are a clever boy!!! Now you can get into more mischief with your litle mate Boof. Love to your Mumma, be sure to keep that babyliciousness for just a little while longer for her, ok? xoxoxoxo


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