Friday, October 21, 2011

the dash...

Today I attended a funeral for an older man, whom was the step Grandfather to one of my besties, probably not the best way to spend a day, but must be done none the less. It was a nice service & he will be sadly missed, so farewell to Russell Colin Grant Waring...

I sat there in the Church, fighting the tears and listening to the stories of his life, all of course after acquainting myself with the lovely Margie & her darling husband John.
The funeral got me thinking!! Oh dear...
For me, after a funeral, I begin to ponder my own life & the life of those around me, you know the part called the "dash" 1976 - 3000.... The middle and the most important part.

I have never really set the world on fire, and neither do I want to, because that's not me, I would rather hide behind the daisies, than jump right out of them.

I was born, so that's the start.
I was the littlest Sister.
I am a Niece, Granddaughter, Auntie, Wife & Daughter In-law.... Some might call me other things!!
I went to school.
I have won a few ribbons & trophies at horse shows and events.
I have made some wonderful friends & acquaintances along the way.
I married the man of my dreams (sigh)
I have built a home.
I have become a Mother, so that's of importance.
I've worked.
I have danced & partied & cried & laughed & loved....
I have been naughty & nice (had to try both to see which worked for me best *tongue in cheek*)

See no setting the world on fire. But I am happy with my dash so far...
Do you ever ponder your "dash", or is it just me?

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