Wednesday, September 7, 2011

green with envy...

As you know, I am eagerly awaiting some grass!!!! Not the illegal stuff, but the lush green grass that you lay on, run on, play on...

If you have been following our world over the last few weeks, you will see that we have laid the seed and are checking it's growth rate with extreme anticipation (understatement!!).

Today the seed has been down for 3 weeks & 2 days, and it is definitely growing. It's patchy but I am sure that it will thicken up over time. So without further ado, here is some visual delight... oh and a recap, so you can of course see how far we have come!!

From humble beginnings...

1 week 4 days

came the little things...

1 week 6 days


3 weeks 2 days

Did I mention that the neighbours have just laid some fresh new luscious turf?? Hmmmm whilst they are out, I may just run over and roll in it. Ohhh yes I have green grass envy, but I will wait, ours is clearly growing quite fast. Be patient Mama, be patient!



  1. Wow!!!! Looking great! We will simply have to have a picnic on it soon xo

  2. It is getting there, I cannot wait until it is picnicworthy!!!! xx


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