Thursday, July 7, 2011


I love how to children, everything is just so literal... Sorry for typing away so randomly, but hey! I am random... You know how when kids are about 2-4 years they see and hear things as they literally are. This was just a little conversation that our little guy & I had just yesterday.

"Mama Bear, can I have Wheat Bix?" to which I replied, Yes buddy, you get Mama a bowl, and the milk, and I will do the hot bit, because the kettle is very full". So the kettle goes on and the bowl and milk get brought (I always have to think about brought or bought, sorry rambling again) to the bench.
 I proceed to fill up the bowl with all the necessary ingredients to have deliciously hot yummy wheat bix and notice that the milk is almost empty, so I ask the question, "Oh woops, Buddy, is that all the milk we have? (dreading a quick, or not so quick trip with 700 baby seats and what can seem like 4,000 children to the milk bar, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you decide) Anyways, oh yeah the answer we have all been waiting for......
OK, so buddy replies, "yes that is all the milk in that one, but there is another heavy one in the fridge". You see, that is just too cute, a heavy one, not a new one or a full one, but a heavy one! See it's these little moments that get me through the earless child moments.. if you know what I mean...

Oh and one more, T ~ "Mummo, are you my Mother?, MamaHick ~ "Yes mate, I am your Mother". T ~ "so Dad must be my Dadda". MamaHick ~ "yes mate, Dad is your Dadda". Naaaaawwww sweet little moments that melt my heart.


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  1. Naaaawwww he is just the sweetest!!! But then I can't play favourites. I love them all!!! Mwahhhh Hick Clan! xoxoxoxo

    Oh yeah:

    If you bRing something you bRought it (an R in both)

    If you buy something you bought it (no R in either)

    That's how I remember anyway.

    Me xo


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